Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finding Forty, Day 248; The Lion

This morning, again, I awoke from a tremendous dream.  As my mind's adventure ended and my eyes popped open, I slowly began working through the details of the story that had been playing out in my state of slumber.

The first thing I remembered was a lion!   Not any lion, but the most majestic creature I'd ever seen.   In the dream, I could speak to the lion, with and without words.   It was as if, at times, our minds were one.

The lion and I were in love.  We shared tremendous passion for one another and anguish at our alternative states.   

In the dream, the lion could be human as well, but only for very short periods of time.   Eventually, in the end, his animal form would have to dominate.

But we shared such intimacy and I was so unafraid.   I would reach right into the lion's mouth, I would nuzzle into his wild, exotic mane, I would bestow him with kisses and caress his sinewy body. 

With his eyes and the inner voice only I could hear, he expressed to me how deeply he loved me and how soon he would make the transition, forever, to his human form so that we might be together forever.

And I believed.

Until I woke up.

As I laid in bed, thinking about that dream, wondering why in the world I would journey there in my mind, a metaphor slowly came to form.

I did love a lion once, still do.   His magnificence was more than I could bear, I was captivated, mesmerized.    He told me he would come to me, leave the wilds and live with me, but never did.

I should have never expected or asked him to.   

 How could a lion ever be human?



  1. Wow...that is all. Wow!

    I have chills/goosebumps.

  2. That wasn't a lion...it was a skunk!

  3. Well, lions do live in prides, much like we live with families. Other than that, that dream was quite bizarre! o_O"

    Who knows, my dear Kate? Perhaps February will bring a "lion" into our lives soon?

    -Barb the French Bean

  4. I loved a lioness once, and long after she left our den for the jungle, thought I still did.

    Some wise words drifted by one day, and I saw that it wasn't so much the lioness that I still loved and missed, but the den we had shared.

    I had never known such a den with any other, so it had seemed natural to believe that such a thing could exist only with "my" lioness. Once I saw this, I saw that it wasn't so.

    I said goodbye to my lioness, in my heart, which left it not empty, but open, as if to make room for a new den.

    After I became happy in my own den, I noticed more majestic lionesses than I had ever imagined, and as I glanced over at them, one turned towards me, and something about her eyes caught mine...

    Kate-Finding-Forty, your lion is out there, somewhere, and when you find yourself, he will find you, when you least expect it. The universe truly does give us what we need when we are ready for it.