Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finding Forty, Day 357; Robin Round

Today I had an interview for a 4th grade teaching position.  They wanted someone who was strong in writing.   Um, hello?   This would be my dream job if there ever was one for teaching.

It was a committee interview, round robin style with the folding chairs organized in a circle.   Hot seat anyone?

Every time I crossed my legs in my Republican wanna be, safe and conservative, stuffy suit, I worried that the Round Robins might catch an unsavory glimpse of my scuba certified Spanx underneath.

I employed every leg cross known to mankind and quite possibly Kate Middleton, once she masters the Royal Wave, that is.

Well meaning friends and family have already asked how it went?   How did it go?  Well, to begin with, it went clockwise.   The questions that is.

The teacher to my left began and then we went around, like a very predictable game of Truth or Dare for at least 2, maybe 3, rounds.

Funny how about 20 minutes in the salivary glands go through an impromptu, involuntary shut down.   No amount of swallowing or rapid attempts to produce saliva help.   Insert weak smile here in hopes that the up curve of the facial muscles might release a bit of juice to whet the fast talking, over exemplifying whistle that is getting a workout.

But seriously, how did it go?  I should officially know in a week.   There were definite moments of connection and humor, with them laughing at jokes I cracked.   And yes, I felt comfortable enough to crack jokes.   There were also moments where I faltered a bit over answers and now wish I had the chance to word them differently or highlight other elements of my strengths.

And yet, it's over with.  Done.  Too late now to truly make a difference.  I've made my mark, left my impression, hopefully deep enough to sink in and resonate.

The thing is...I really liked this group of people who interviewed me.  I WANT to feel like a part of their team, somehow who contributes to in a meaningful way.   I know that girl is me.

As I type, my fingers are crossed.   I promise to keep you posted!


  1. My fingers are crossed for you!

    Nana aka Jann

  2. My fingers and toes are crossed, but that's another story.

    Best wishes on getting the job.