Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finding Forty, Day 130; Weird

Today has been a weird day. It started off when I awoke early this morning after a bizarre dream about my favorite rock star. I fell asleep last night after watching several YouTube videos featuring him, so he was fresh on my mind. The dream found him fancying me, engaging me in deep conversations, secrets shared between us, intimate moments and laughter. Even as the dream progressed, some sliver of cognizant mind knew this was too good to be true. Just as the dream reached the stage where we found ourselves alone, his desire for me obviously brimming forth, I could contain myself no longer.

I reached for his pants, unzipped his zipper and helped him wriggle into the glory of his manhood. Imagine my surprise, no, horror, when I discovered his manhood was actually a well coiffed vagina!!

Yes, my most beloved rock star was not the well endowed power player I'd dreamed of since adolescence. He was a chick, sporting hardwoods with a throw rug.

In the dream, I kept asking, "But where is the cock? I need cock!!"

It was more than my subconscious could bear. I tried to will a penis onto the most beautiful man in the world, but it was a no go.

In utter frustration, I gave up and woke up, wide awake, left to ponder the meaning of such a dream.

I'm not homophobic. If anything, I probably have some unrecognized curiosities. But, ultimately, I'm into guys all the way.

The other option is that I am newly undersexed. Since deciding we were mostly friends, A doesn't want to have sex with me. I understand, but it doesn't make my physical needs just magically disappear.

Maybe tonight I can get lucky in every sense imaginable! Wouldn't that be nice?

Either way, I hope the MAN of my dreams dares to make an appearance.

Sweet dreams,


  1. Seriously, Kate, it's time to write a steamy romance novel! You're just that good, sister:)

  2. I'm with Stacey! lol...