Monday, October 18, 2010

Finding Forty, Day 143; Tired and True

Monday, Monday. Already here. How do my weekends fly by? Not sure, but they do.

I have tomorrow off. I was going to go to Dallas to go with 'Dallas' to a doctor's appointment but she shrugged me at the last minute.

Part of me was dejected. I wanted to be there for her, prove to her I'd be there in tough times.

The other part of me was sadly relieved. I'm so exhausted, the thought of sleeping in tomorrow is thrilling.

Instead of supporting her in person, I'll be taking time to recoup and relax.

Nice, on a very guilty level. I was happy to be there for her.

On Friday I visited my co workers house. It was very nice, organized, well appointed. I could sort of see myself staying there for a few months.

She's said it's okay for my kids to be there, but I could barely imagine it myself. Either way, she's my only viable option at this point. I'd have to buy no furniture, nothing household related. That is very nice.

I suppose move out day would be closer to November 1. What we will tell the kids, I've not a clue.

But more and more it feels right.

Here we go!

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