Monday, January 17, 2011

Finding Forty, Day 233; My First 15 Minutes

Half past right
The house is empty still
 Yet you are here

Unlaced running shoes
Discarded in haste
Guard the front door

Your damp towel
hangs forlornly
From the rod in the bathroom

Your aftershave wafts through the bedroom
Giving tell tale witness
To your passing presence

How can I miss you so
When you've only just gone?

I emptied my bedside table and my chest of drawers this morning.  I have four Rubbermaid bins packed, as well as two wicker baskets.

I found a sheet of notebook paper and scribbled on each side were two poems I'd written for A.   I don't remember when, but I do recall why.

This is why I'm immobilized, fearful of what's next, grieving deeply what was.

Days pass
One night melting
into the next
New dawn
Time tick tocks forward

Yet somehow within
the blur that was yesterday
is today and will be tomorrow
You remain constant

With a steadfast smile
and a love untainted
You are my homing angel
My refuge

Our love, once new and emergent
Now wears the patina
of a well adored relic
And occupies a special
niche in my heart

Here's to a lifetime of love
and ever afters

Happy Anniversary


  1. That is indeed a lovely poem, have such a poetic soul.

  2. Lovely poems, but don't waste time wallowing in what once was. Girl, you've got things to do.

  3. Definitely sounds like you're moving on, Kate. I still think you should change your blog picture to one glass of wine: YOUR glass of wine, half full!

  4. Well, I've read your blog...ALL OF IT. I can honestly say that I'm were you were many months ago. I am sad, scared and confused.

    I don't know what lies ahead. My difference is that my husband doesn't know of my stupid and selfish escapade.

    I simply walk through my days moping and crying and leaving him to wonder what he's done wrong. I"m an ass...

    I do thank you for your spirit and putting to words my feelings unaware of my situation.

  5. I feel like my view is different but I do think you can get your marriage back together if that's what you want. Thinking of you!