Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finding Forty, Day 3: Blah!

Technically, I've already blogged today, even though it was ages ago when I couldn't sleep.   I feel sick tonight.  Bloated, bored, just yucky.   I think I've eaten out 4 out of the past 5 meals and that always makes me feel sick.   Blah!

I'm tired of not having a hobby or anything that stimulates me or sparks me.  I just added the Scrabble app to my phone, so maybe that can fill my time and keep me occupied.

Pissy, pissy mood here.  Nothing uplifting or great to say.

I want to just go to sleep and hope that tomorrow is better.

The best start to that would be to sleep through the night.

Until then,


  1. Go find and sign up. It's free.

    It's an online Scrabble game. If you're interested, email me. I'll tell you my user name and we can play.

    Fuck it. I love Scrabble.

  2. I know I don't have to comment on all your posts as I read them but I just might...hope it doesn't annoy. I have the Bejeweled and the Tetris apps on my phone and I've already gotten bored with those so sitting up in my bedroom alone for a couple hours each night doing nothing while the husband hogs the computer downstairs annoys me even more. I know where you're coming from.