Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finding Forty, Day 117; Progress


I feel it coursing through me. One way I know I'm making progress is when I am embarrassed by posts like the one I made last night. In the grand scheme of things, my life is really good. No need to whine.

Progress means no sobbing tears over S lately. Those usually come with the wave of end of the cycle hormones, but even still, I feel some distance.

I also don't obsess about my phone anymore. When you aren't secretively waiting for the next text or email, there's no need to carry it with you everywhere, especially into the bathroom.

As for me, I've begun working out again and have added yoga to the mix. Already I am feeling the buzz of treating my body well. And my legs, one of my best physical assests, are starting to tone up again. They are strong and have held me up through three pregnancies, one marathon, five half marathons, and in general through this walk of life.

Progress is me looking upon them, a part of myself, with love and respect.

Progress is wanting today to be a good day and working to make it so!

this was typed from iPhone, and I bet there are several typos, but I won't be at computer to fix til later.


  1. Being good to yourself is the best thing you can do, I think. Honor yourself...right where you are with what you have, and the perspective changes.
    As you see! :-)

  2. Good for you...maybe you've turned a corner?

  3. Making progress is always a welcome course. Beats the alternative.

  4. soo-oo glad you are feeling positive - Ellie

  5. Progress is a good thing.