Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finding Forty, Day 14: Disclaimers

I probably should have done this from the beginning and maybe I did, but can't recall.   I need  to add some disclaimers to this blog.

First of all, when I write, I speak MY truth.   What I say is truly what I'm feeling in that moment, but it should be duly noted that when I write about others, I fully realize that they aren't able to present their version of the story.   I will try to be as cognizant of the truth and the actual events when I retell things as I possibly can,  but there will be many observations that are just my own.    I'm okay with that, it's my blog after all.     This goes for retellings of things that happen in my life, experiences with others, and my beliefs on topics like religion, politics, and sex.   Definitely sex.

Also, I don't claim to always be, well, anything really.  I can't always be witty, interesting, poignant or deep.   My main goal is to just write, with the particular focus on what my life is like as a 40 year old.  So, last night's laundry list of my bodily ailments probably made me sound like my late grandmother, but that was what came to mind when I sat down to type.

I don't always want to bitch and moan and whine about my love life or my loss of direction as I enter this next stage of my existence.   I'm sure it gets old for you, I know it gets old for me.    I've been told, more than once and by more than one person that I "think too much", "talk too much", and am a "real downer", so in an effort to bring more sunshine to other people's lives, I think I', who am I kidding?   That's just how I am.   Like it or lump it.   I don't mean to be that way and I don't always enjoy it, but if I've learned anything about myself in the past year or so it's that I can't NOT be me.   The harder I try to be things I'm not, the more off the handle I fly.   It makes me miserable.   Of course, liking and accepting who I am is quite another story.

So, there are my disclaimers.

Oh!  I forgot to add that I use foul language, if you haven't already figured it out.   I am sorry if it offends, but again, it's not going to go away.


Respectfully yours,

P.S.   Any name that shows up in this blog has been changed to protect the (not so) innocent.

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