Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finding Forty, Day 7: Irritated

Tonight I had a fight with A.   It was about the sex blog he reads daily, even more than daily.  I'm completely and utterly pissed off that he feels compelled to read what another woman writes more than once a day.

I've only read her blog a few times, but I find her writing to be less than stellar.  What draws him in, and he'll wholeheartedly admit this, is the sex in her blog.

I also find that to be completely off putting.   Admittedly, her blogs are primarily about sex and yes, she garners a LOT of attention because of that, but I find it to be irritating and superficial and it bugs me that someone like A would become addicted to her.

Apparently, one of her major assets is that she is able to get off multiple times a day.  While I find it completely annoying, I also find it ridiculous and unbelievable.   I can understand once a day for a woman, but more than that and the person obviously has way too much time on her hands (no pun intended) and far too little on her brain.

An intelligent woman, ripe with dilemmas and the impetus to nurture and ponder life's greater meanings, doesn't have the mental free space to achieve many orgasms in one day.   For me, the purest form of personal delight requires a dedication that only comes when my mind is free and clear of bigger and better things.   In a word, I find her to be a simpleton.   And yes, it completely pisses me off that he finds simpleton to be hot.

It's just the most basic of those stereotypes about men and women and here, in my own household, I have it unfolding before me.

For me, a woman who pleasures herself multiple times a day is akin to those youtube videos I've witnessed of bonobos fucking in the wild.   It's pure self gratification, with no other purpose than to feel good.  Which is all fine I suppose, but for some reason, I find it rubs me the wrong way (pun fully intended).

So, to A, I say...have at it!  Have fun with your primate!   The real women of the world will be able to get off, feel good, AND carry on a decent conversation that deals more than with thoughts of sex.   Your lusty blogger might want to give that a try every once and a while.

Or then again, maybe she won't.

Either way, I don't care.   I know how pleasure feels and I know how to take care of myself.  I just don't need to blog about it each and every time it happens.   Some things are far better left to the imagination.


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  1. I don't think my husband is reading any sex blogs or ANY blogs at all for that matter. He just wants sex at any cost no matter what and whenever he wants. He finds it the womans job or duty to make sure the man is happy...that annoys me and has ripped me from any feeling of longing for him for years now.

    I agree, if you are getting yourself off several times a day then you have too much time on your hands. I find it hard to find a 2 minute window in the bathroom along just to piss...jeeze!