Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finding Forty, Day 41; Dexter

It had to happen eventually and this morning it finally did.

During a spell of fitful, restless sleep, I had vivid dreams of wrestling with someone in the kitchen, trying to wrangle a knife from their clenched fist. Right before I awoke, the blade turned towards me and I could see its razor sharp edge, its silvery sheen as I struggled to avoid penetration.

That damn Dexter!

A and I have been watching episode after episode of Dexter and I knew, before long, something dark would find its way into my unconcious mind.

The ironic thing is that Dexter has been a source of joy for me for the past few weeks. A and I recently discovered it and are working through the seasons trying to get caught up.

I love to get cozy on the couch and watch the story of this compelling, almost tender, serial killer unfold. Dexter is funny and likeable and the writers on that series are brilliant. Dark humor is definitely my thing of late.

I'm not giving him up. Sure, I might have to jump into bed for fear of something reaching out from underneath now. And when I walk into the kitchen to get a drink of water at 3 a.m. so what if I run back to the bedroom as fast as I can? He makes me happy. Even if he is a killer.

Dreams be damned, Dexter is here to stay.

Oh, and no spoilers, please! We're only just beginning Season 3.


  1. Dexter was my undoing a few months back when I discovered him lurking on my InstantQ for Netflix. I watched every episode in seasons 1 and 2 within 2 days (not much esle got done you can guarantee that).

    I am halfway through Season 3, but hear that Season 4 is the best!! My mother is ordering Showtime (or Cinema or whatever he is on) in September just so we can watch the new season then.

    Oh, happy bloody day!

  2. We are about at the same spot. I love it! I would watch them marathon style but am watching them with my husband and he can only handle sitting still for about 2 episodes.

    I am sure when the new season begins, I'll be longing for Showtime too.

    Can't wait til tonight to watch another one!