Friday, July 16, 2010

Finding Forty, Day 51; Buzzed

Yes, I am buzzed.   No, it's not what you think.

Tonight was our weekly Happy Hour and I brought my own, personal beverage.   While blowing through 100 bucks today at Target, I found a 4-pack of Starbuck's Light Mocha Frappuccino.   I knew I'd want something 'fun' drink once I got to the party and this tasty, little beverage hit the spot.

I chilled them for a few hours before arriving and then once there, poured it over crushed ice in a pretty glass and wah-lah....instant, fun, party drink.

I didn't feel like the odd gal out, I didn't feel deprived, shit...I only missed alcohol for a fraction of a second as my friend muddled her Mojito.

Overall, it was a good pick.

There is only one, teeny, tiny downfall.    The caffeine.   I had two (so only 200 calories), but I had them between 6:30 and 9:30.    As I was bombarding A with the details of my day, I realized my words spraying him like a machine gun. 

In an instant, I realized I'd caught my buzz.   I was just riding the caffeine wave.

Next week, I'll time it better and have my last call about an hour earlier.

Eventually, I plan to write about my visit to the AA meeting and my thoughts about my relationship with alcohol, but I haven't found the time just yet.   For now, I'm happy with things as they are.

Anyway, I'm off to alphabetize my vinyl collection and then dust the ceiling fan blades!



  1. Hummm a "visit" to an AA meeting? Sounds like you're just passing through...not what you were looking for? It might be good to have a backup plan if you find you need support.

    Just a thought, I'm not preaching.

    Glad you found a good solution for a party beverage...slurpee is always my choice! HAve a good weekend.

  2. Hey! I don't think you're preaching and I appreciate your comments.

    I did visit and plan to visit again, preferably a beginner meeting, but I'm not sure.

    The meeting was eye opening, humbling, and very interesting.

    As I mentioned, there was a lot to process and I'm still pondering it all.

    I'm blessed with an outstanding support system, so my back up plan foundation is strong.

    Thanks again for your comment!