Monday, July 12, 2010

Finding Forty, Day 47; Pooped!

I know, with me and a blog title like "Pooped" you just never know what you're going to get.   This time you're spared!

I'm just tired.  Wiped out.  I have on my comfy pajama pants and my soft, white tee and I want to get into bed and sloth out.

My day has been alright.  My friend and I made up via texts and emails, I know a face to face is upcoming but I just want to put it off for a while.

I'm too embarrassed and too ashamed.

As for the AA meeting, I went.  I'm still processing the experience, so I'm not ready to write about it, but it wasn't bad.  I'm proud of myself for going and for facing that fear head on.

Fear.  I'm tired of letting it rule my life.

But, for now, I'm simply tired. 

Plain and simple.


  1. i'm feeling verrry sloth-y tonight too. just worn-out, run down and flippin' done. hope you rest well.

  2. Good for you; you went to a meeting! That was very brave. I hope you will stick with it for a time and see if it is what you need. I'm not surprised that you are tired. Your body responds to emotional stress by making sure mt hat you get the rest you need to stay healthy. Hang in there!

  3. Good for you, Kate.
    Every journey begins with a single step.